About us

Le Contour is a contemporary candle company driven by a desire to celebrate diversity and encourage a culture of self-love amongst women. Our flagship range of inclusive candles, The Sistory Collection, has been handcrafted to encourage women of all shapes and sizes to embrace their silhouettes, stories and sisterhoods.

I began my journey in lockdown of 2020 where, like many of us, I experienced first-hand the importance of being surrounded by things that enrich and encourage us in our day to day lives - namely in our home. This is what prompted the creation of my very first collection, designed to empower women and inclusively celebrate the female form. An ethos I am proud to align my brand to.

I also love the fact that our creations double as timeless pieces of homeware! I hope you love our candles as much as we do and I would love to see how you have styled our creations in your home.